Day 70 – A Geek Toy

While sitting on the couch, working from home and wishing my head would either stop hurting or explode already, I get a message from Garbanzo asking if we had gotten something from Amazon.  We had, so he told me to open it.

My wonderful husband bought me (us) a Wacom board.  After trying my hand at selective colorization last weekend and getting annoyed with the touch pad on my laptop, he decided to buy one.  Garbanzo was honest.  He said it was 96% mine, and 4% his.  I’m fine with it.  I can share.

Just to see how much easier it would be for photo editing, I decided to try selective colorization of a picture of Indigo.

MUCH faster!!  In fact, I didn’t find I had to zoom in as much as I had with earlier attempts.  (I should admit that I am a bit anal retentive with stuff like this – must … be … perfect.)  
I love technology. 🙂

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  1. Oooh, Now I know what to get Hubman for Father’s day!

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