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DJ’s birthday is coming up soon. And the usual discussion around what the party is going to be has ensued.

Last year, Garbanzo was a crazy man when suggested a sleep over with 8 of her closest friends. After some initial debate, I finally gave in and agreed. I knew it would be a whole lot of drama. I knew that there would be no sleep. And, I knew that someone would end up in tears. I was eight once, I remember those sleep overs.

At 3am, Garbanzo finally got angry and went upstairs into the girls’ room and laid down in the middle of the floor telling them to go to sleep. They did about 20 minutes later…and were up by 7am. And yes, there was drama, there were tears, and no sleep.

This year, DJ decided she wanted a party at Laserport, a local laser tag place. Price tag for her and her friends, plus pizza and Garbanzo, Indigo and me would be over $400….for 12 people. And at the parties she’s attended with her friends, the parents and siblings were invited to stay. And, the parents gave out quarters for the video games. Can you hear those dollar signs adding up? We have since talked her out of it. While I love my daughter, she does not need a $500+ birthday party….at 9.

I guess I don’t understand the parents that don’t flinch at costs like that. I don’t care how much you make, that’s just too much in my opinion. We always try to get creative with parties, but both kids were born during the rainy season, so we are religated inside. Inside is always the challenge. What are some good birthday party ideas you have had in the past?

I think we have figured out where she’s going to have her party, but I know this issues will come up again.

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  1. I loved musical theatre so once I turned 8 my parents would take me and one friend to see a play.

    Probably not cheap, but not as expensive as parties at some places.

    What about your local paint your own pottery place?

  2. Dana says:

    As a single mom when Cam was more into this type of party, I always operated from the standpoint that the party was his birthday gift.

    We also stopped doing these types of parties once the kids were out of elementary school.

    Our local movie theater offers reasonably priced party packages – would that be an option?

  3. Emmy says:

    ASM: I like the musical theater (or similar event) idea. It can easily double as a birthday present too. I’ve looked into the pottery places, and they are reasonable if and only if, it is a couple of kids. That being said, it is WAAAY cheaper than laser tag.

    Dana: Local movie theater is a good idea. I’ll have to keep that one in the back of my mind. I think for DJ, she only has maybe a year left of birthday parties of this sort. Indigo is just getting started.

  4. I decided long ago that my kids were not have BIG parties. We do small family ones with maybe a friend or two and some games but thats it!

    I will not go in debt over a birthday…Christmas well thats another story….

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