A Late Flu Season

The flu is spreading around work and school like wildfire.    Garbanzo has been reporting that he’s had half of some of his classes out sick.  The girls both talk about which kids in their class are not sick.  At work, half of the IT staff has had a version of the flu.  And other departments are being hit just as hard.  And, this flu does not last a day or two.  There are people at work and kids at school that have been out for a week.

I got an email from the school nurse the other day that said:

Flu season has peaked later this year than usual.  We are also seeing many cases of other viral illness, often with high fevers and serious coughs.  If your child is:  feverish, coughing excessively, very tired/sleepy, vomiting, and /or just not feeling well – PLEASE DO NOT SEND your child to school!  These illnesses are quickly and easily spread in the school environment and your child’s illness is no exception.

I think she wants parents to keep the kids home.  (I should note that I did not change any part of her actual email.)

Monday night, I came home from work and realized that I could not get warm, and I was exhausted.  I chalked it up to the whole Day Light Savings Time change.    I woke up yesterday feeling the same way. Throw in the fact my joints were achy, I had a headache, and I had a fever.

So, I stayed home and worked.  Why? Because the other idiots dedicated employees are responsible for giving it to me decided to come to work instead of staying home and working.  My gift to the rest of the healthy people is to not get them sick.   When I talked to my boss during the day yesterday, she kindly asked me to stay at home as long as I needed.  She would prefer to stay well.

But the real reason I’ve caught this bug is the fact I keep commenting how lucky we have been that the kids and Brian and I have not gotten any of the illnesses.  Yep, I threw fate the finger, and fate got me back.

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  1. Dana says:

    I hope you get just a mild version of the evil bug and are feeling better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Can you manage to stay home and not do anything but rest?

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