The Triple Award!

On Thursday, the lovely and talented Another Suburban Mom nominated me for the Triple Award.   I was quite pleasantly surprised to be quite honest.  I’m a newish blog, and I don’t know what my theme would be…..other than revealing the odd way my head works as I go through my life.

So thank you, ASM!  I appreciate it – and totally believe you deserved the nomination yourself as I love your blog!

So here are the rules:

1. Have to post the fabulous Logo (as seen above)

2. Nominate some folks for their blogs.

3. Have to hyper link your nominees.

4. You must tell your nominee that they WON!

5. Finally Hyperlink the blogger who gave you such a wonderful gift.

So, here are my nominees:

  • Sunshine on My Toes – I am a midwestern girl, so I love reading Jennybean’s blog.  I love seeing the ice towns the pop up on the frozen lakes, her explanation of the various types of corn, and I love her HNT contributions.  I still think the banana is one of the best. 
  • Fairy Flutters – This is a blog I recently discovered.  It is a mommy blog, but I like the way she goes about it.  Check her out.  Oh, and congratulate her on her recent news! 
Like ASM, I have to throw kudos to Amid Life’s Crisis, Hot Dads and Yet Another Day in Paradise.  I enjoy all three of them as well.  

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  1. Dana says:

    Thank you for the post script mention! Now, I need to do a formal acceptance of ASM’s original award. She’s going to think I’m ungrateful!

    And Emmy? You deserved this award!

  2. Yay! Thanks for accepting!

  3. Thank you, girl! I’m glad you like me. 🙂

  4. Jennybean says:

    Aww… thanks!

    I’ll post soon!

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