SPAM is Fun

I have shared in a past post that I find SPAM humorous.  The other day, I was going through my SPAM folder and decided I need to share my love of SPAM.  I mean, these are gems, people… can you not laugh at them?!

Here are my favorites out of the 87 messages I had in this folder.  (My comments/reactions will be in italics.)

  • Grow, grow and GROW! (what could they be selling – fertilizer?)
  • Give her the most AMAZING high ever! (are they selling pot or penis enlargement tablets?)
  • NOW I’m so tight in the crotch area (but I don’t want to be tight in the crotch area; I’m a girl)
  • So massive I hurt her (why would someone want that??)
  • Organic Organ Growth that truly works wonders (well, if it’s organic...)
  • Off the lights and take out your light saber (appealing to the star wars geeks, guess they need to find a girl now)
  • Make love to her every second (usually they say you should seek medical attention if the erection lasts longer than 4 hours)
  • My tool is so thick it barely fits (from one extreme to the other – and you still can’t get laid)
  • She spread her legs willingly (true – a big cock would make that occur….not…or maybe they are selling mind control.)
  • She’ll suck it like a Popsicle (again, what are they selling? Because Popsicle are not really that large.)
  • Girls like it bigger (going after the guy’s ego again)
  • Larger than a python (if your cock looks like a python, I think I’ll pass.)
  • Ride her like a mofo (huh?)
  • Its raining pleasure for her now (nice)
  • Age doesn’t have to make you flaccid (appealing to the older crowd now)
  • This will bring fire to her crotch (most women prefer their men to be disease free)
  • Don’t let size stop you from pleasuring her (selling techniques now?)
  • Taste her up and down (until she says stop? Oh, wait that was lick…sorry, bad reference to an 80s song)
  • After this the rubbers won’t fit (considering I’ve seen someone demonstrate you can put two hands in a condom, this may not be a good thing.)

So there you go, a demonstration, if you will, that you should always skim through the SPAM folder before you delete. At the very least, it may provide you with a much needed laugh.   And, just think, someone gets paid to do this…..hmmm, maybe a career opportunity?

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  1. Hubman says:

    Whenever I hear the warning “seek medical attention if the erection lasts longer than 4 hours”…

    I think “of course you’ll need to seek medical attention, after 4 hours the chick is gonna be SORE!!!”


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