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A couple of days ago, I went to the doctor.  I hate going to the doctor.  I must say that straight off.  I think my hatred is due to the number of times I saw a doctor before the age of 12.  When you have 6 sets of tubes in your ears, numerous ear infections and other related stuff – you get poked and prodded quite a bit. 

To share too much, I had to go talk to her about the fact my cycles went from super predictable to insanely irregular in the span of a year.  My mom hit menopause really early, so I was a bit concerned I was following that same path… 35.  Unlike my mom who just assumed it was normal and went about her day, I decided to take control of the situation plus I have a great doctor who I knew would not blow me off or throw medication at the problem.  She would actually figure out what was going on.
It was good getting confirmation that this was not normal.  It was good getting confirmation that we needed to figure out what was going on.  It was good to hear that nothing obvious was jumping out at her as to the cause.
Her concerns, however, are my thyroid and that I may be anemic.  So, I had blood drawn to test for both.  And, I would like to know what the lab tech did to bruise my arm the way she did. I have great veins for drawing blood, so usually can avoid the bruising.  And, boy, did that woman bruise the hell out of my arm. I’ll be wearing long sleeved shirts for a few more day. 
So, while I wait for the test results, she has put me on birth control which just makes me laugh really. Who would really think that after 6 years of not having to even think about birth control because we are done having kids and took a more permanent route, I would be talking birth control with my doctor.  But, if it works, I will deal with the irony later.  (And, for the record, my doctor found it funny that we were talking about this option given my history, etc.)

And, in the meantime, I am fluctuating between worrying about what the test results will say.  On one hand, I want to get the call saying it is a thyroid problem because they can treat it and get my body chemically back in balance.  Plus, it would be a quick and easy explanation.  Yet, on the other hand, I don’t want to hear that.  Hearing it will mean medication and possibly more tests.  Both things I hate.  (Yes, hate is a strong word, but I believe it is the right one.)

And, being a technology geek who can find anything on the Internet quickly is a dangerous thing.  Let’s just say I will be staying away from Google until I get the call from the doctor.

So, stay tuned.  My apologies in advanced because you will hear more depending on what they find out.  Nothing like a medical issue to provide blog material.

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  1. Hey I hope it all works out. Get the Yaz if you can, it gives you a one day period, its awesome.

    Think, if your thyroid is running slow they give you some awesome drugs and it helps you lose weight faster.

  2. Hubman says:

    What ASM failed to mention is that while she is on Yaz, I got snipped a little over a year ago. Makes me laugh too.

    “Gee honey, I’m glad I let someone take a knife to my balls… for nothing!!!” lol…

    Hope things turn out OK for you.

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