Friday in Review & Day & Day 45 Photo

This week was definitely one with lots of ups and downs.  And, the Friday the 13th being a bad day definitely proved to be true.

Yesterday started off well. I mean, how could it not if you start the day playing with a 7 month old?  That was definitely the high point of the day though.

DJ and Garbanzo are going to go see his parents in Mexico over spring break.  We discovered after making this decision that her passport had expired.  No problem, we thought.  Yeah, right.

First off, you cannot go through the process outside of the hours 9am – 3pm Monday through Friday.  Garbanzo left school an hour early with DJ on Tuesday.  After 20 minutes in line, he was told that they could not finish the process without my consent.  I could either come down with them, or get a form signed and notarized.  Both are very convenient options (please note that I say that very sarcastically!).

We made the decision instead to go do that on Friday.  I would work from home in the morning, and Garbanzo would take half the day off.  We would get this done – then go out for lunch together.

We got there at 12:30pm and were third in line.  Things were looking great until we got to the front of the line.  I love my husband, I really do, but the man is NOT the most detail oriented.  He is more of a “big picture” guy.  The woman pointed out that we had neglected to fill out the social security number on the form.  He looked at me and asked if I had it on me.  Yeah, cause I carry them on my person at all times.

So, off we went to get the number at home.  By this time, it is 1pm.  And, have I mentioned, we are trying to get DJ back for her Valentine’s Day party in her classroom?  We get the number, double check the form to ensure we have everything this time, then get back to the post office.

This time around, we get everything squared away.  And, we paid the expedite fee so we can be sure to get it back in two weeks.  By this time, it is 1:30 – and we still have not had lunch.  We swung by a great pizza by the slice place, grabbed a slice, and headed up to the school which is roughly 30 minutes away. We arrived there about 10 minutes past 2.

But, this was not the highlight of the day (or shall I say the low point of it).  Nope that was still to come.  I think I will end this story right here because to be quite honest, I am not sure if I’m ready to talk about this one yet as it was a pretty big deal.  Just call me a tease.

I will say that it involves a 7th grader doing something he was not supposed to be doing, and a substitute teacher seeing something she shouldn’t have seen.

And on that note, I leave you with my picture of the day.

DJ’s Saturday morning taekwondo practice was a a local high school.  Turns out, it was to be an outdoor practice which was not communicated to us.  DJ survived, but it was pretty fucking cold outside.  This was my view of the practice from inside the school.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. I hate when people are unorganized. That is why I am a slut for lists.

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