Day 42 – Valentines

The girls spent the night putting together Indigo’s valentine’s box for school.  What I find hilarious is seeing how DJ ended up doing it all….oh, well…

Oh, wait, I am hearing DJ interrogate her sister.  Guess she finally realized Indigo wasn’t helping.

To be honest, I am surprised they are even having Valentine’s Day parties.  Wonder if they renamed them “friendship celebrations” or something?

How many parents out there had kids that are having parties at school?  I’m just curious as to which way the pendulum is swinging these days?

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  1. Dana says:

    Mine is having a valentine’s day dance (middle school) Seems the parties went away when schools required you give a valentine to everyone, or no one. Party poopers!

  2. Emmy says:

    I was thinking about that rule the other day, and maybe because we were wholesome midwesterners, but not giving someone a valentine was never an option anyone thought they had. It’s very odd that this is now a rule that must be stated.

  3. mine is still valentine’s party!

  4. Hubman says:

    DB is exchanging Valentines at school, but the rule is, if you’re going to give them, you have to give them to EVERYONE in class.

    But it’s 3rd grade, so I can understand…

  5. Jennybean says:

    glad they still get to have a sugar fest… 🙂

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