Day 34 – Geek

I came home from work today because I got what I thought was a simple headache yesterday afternoon, but turned into a migraine that I work up with this morning.  I really think I’m fighting a sinus infection which is a whole other joy that I wish I could avoid.  (I had 5 sinus infections one winter – and it was pretty ugly.)  So, I’m now at home, in comfortable clothes drinking lots of hot tea.  And willing my head to start feeling better.  (I think the worst part of this is the fact the sun is actually out today, and I’m hiding from it because it makes it worse.)

Anyway, as I came back after letting the dogs out for the 20th time in an hour (they are worse than the kids), and realized how big of a geek I am.  At home, due to a network problem with my home network and my work computer, I cannot do certain things on my work computer.  For that, I use my MacBook Pro. 

Notice the external hard drive on the right, the Mac, my work computer, the speakers, and my Blackberry.  Yep, I’m a geek.

What do you think?

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