A View Behind the Curtain

If you read Garbanzo’s  blog post for today, you know he is having a bad day.  

I’ve decided to share with you some insight into our relationship especially where things like this are concerned.

I won’t pretend I’m a “glass half full” type of person.  I’m more of a “what do I need to do to refill the glass” type of person. Garbanzo is more of a “glass half empty & OMG the water keeps going down!!” type of person.  

So, here is the chat Garbanzo and I had after he posted to his blog….

During his freak out this morning at home, I did receive a couple of calls from him, so I had a level of insight about this one.

I should mention his initial question was regarding my status on chat.  My laptop at work was not working right, and the urge to chuck it out the window was getting stronger as the problem persisted. 

10:11 AM Garbanzo: Going to jump?

10:13 AM I worry
 Emmy: nope – throw my computer out it
  or someone else, but more than likely it’s just the computerHow’s it going?
10:14 AM Garbanzo: Read my blog. It will give you the gist.
  It has been a morning
 Emmy: i’m sorry, honey
10:15 AM Garbanzo: Not your fault. I am just having a perfect storm of crap today
  I am ready to scream
 Emmy: thankfully you are in the basement, so you can’t jump
10:16 AM Garbanzo: I just want to go home and go back to bed. Pretend today never happened
 Emmy: shit happens, my love…..it’s time to hike up you kilt and just move on
  i mean, the movie is just a fucking movie. The kids can handle it.
 Garbanzo: See. I wrote that you would say that 😉
10:17 AM Emmy: the power supply thing is just something forgotten – that happens – you move on….plus, don’t you have your “new PPS issued laptop” you can use for the movie
  And you are a teacher, if you aren’t used to punting by now, you need more medication.
10:18 AM Garbanzo: It doesn’t work. I will try it but it did not work for wall e. I am fully medicated. Have been taking it regularly for weeks
 Emmy: i thought your principal showed you a different way to show the movie thru that laptop
10:19 AM to quote your favorite band
 Garbanzo: I tried it that way and it didn’t work
 Emmy: “let it go, let it go, it is smaller than you know. It’s no bigger than a pebble on a gravel road”
10:20 AM Garbanzo: I will try it with the new movie
 Emmy: then skip the movie….they can do their homework. God knows they could use the time to study
 Garbanzo: Pulling the great big sea card
  LOL. True
 Emmy: i thought you would appreciate that! 😉
10:21 AM if you won’t listen to me, I figured you would listen to you favorite Newfoundlanders
 Garbanzo: True
 Emmy: glad i can help! 🙂
10:22 AM Garbanzo: Can you say it again but this time naked?
 Emmy: lol
10:23 AM Garbanzo: Cool. It looks like I have to
  Pound through the comic tonight. Odin needs to do the podcast on tuesday
 Emmy: better read fast if I’ll be saying that again naked!
10:24 AM Garbanzo: It is wordless. So it may go faster
 Emmy: lol
  okay – go have a better day
  gotta run to a meeting
  i love you
 Garbanzo: I love you. <3

What do you think?

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