The Greatest School EVER!

Indigo went to the same preschool for about 3 years.  It was near my work, the rate was right, and the staff was great.  She loved it.  She loved it so much that she continually talks about it despite the fact she stopped attending last June.

These days, her discussions about school are usually in response to something new someone gets to try. My first born DJ will be talking about wanting to see a movie like Snow White, and Indigo will respond “I saw that at my old school”.

If I mention we should make pie, she’ll say “we did that at my old school once”.

Once, we saw a game for the Wii….yep, you guessed it, she played it at her old school.

According to her, her old school allowed her to watch movies all the time, play any game she could ever imagine, play with fire, and do death-defying stunts.  It was one hell of a school….and we occasionally wonder if maybe we should have paid a bit more attention, especially if there was any element of truth to some of her assertions.

We have gotten to the point that anytime she starts a sentence with “I did that once”; we all chime in with “at your old school?”

I’m glad that she is pretty good humored about it.  Indigo knows we are teasing her.

Today, she told us at her old school, her teachers were robots.

I guess it was one hell of a school with the greatest rates ever!

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  1. Oh yea well at my old school, all my teachers were gay… how do you think i became gay… ha ha ha sounds like you go a ms. know it all well to that degree

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