Technology Thursday

No – this will likely not be a weekly segment.  While I am a geek, the stuff I keep up on is likely not very interesting to most people.

But, with things like this:

How can I not comment?  Really? A Blackberry for a kid?  While I am forced to use one in my job, I would never give one to my kid (or buy a Blackberry for myself).  I am all for learning games, but I don’t need them to become text messaging fiends before they turn 10.

I do like this keyboard though:

But then again, like Designer Steve Lee at Apple, I am a touch typist.  Those around me hate how quickly I can type.  I always tell them they are jealous.  But, really it is the result of being forced to take typing in 7th and 8th grades — and spending so much time in front of a computer.  Anyway, I like the fact my kids wouldn’t be able to use it thus eliminating the risk of them using my computer without permission.

These are for those geeks who aren’t as well versed in the art of lovemaking.  Yes, they are the Love Trainer Headset.  And no, this isn’t a joke.  Go to their website  to learn more and hear examples of the “coaching” (NSFW).  The pictures are what bothers me.  Can you imagine?  “Come on, honey. Let’s put on our Love Trainer Headset for a night a fun!”.  Yeah, doesn’t work for me either. But then again, if you are a geek in need of coaching or ideas, they may appeal.  But I have to ask: why not use the internet?  I mean, at the vary least, there is no shortage of porn.

I am happy to see this:

I love iPhoto which is part of the Apple iLife application suit.  While it doesn’t give me all of the editing features of GIMP or Photoshop, I do like the organization part of it.  And, this facial recognition feature for tagging people (or pets, I guess) is pretty nice.  Maybe I’ll look into getting it when I get a new Mac.

And last but not least, I want one of these:

While I am not a fan of the name, the Sony WebbieHD is the latest entry into the camcorder world.  While it doesn’t shoot “true HD”, it does shoot 720p which is pretty good.  I have heard mixed reviews about this particular one, but I do want a camcorder that records video without requiring tapes.  Converting tapes to video while not hard is time consuming, and I am an impatient person.  I would rather pull video off in a manner similar to how I do it off of digital cameras today.  The market is getting flooded with these, so I should have my choosing soon.  

Oh and I spoke too soon….I found one more thing I have to comment on:

It’s a camera.  For those patriotic folks that want to capture images like a spy……I think I’ll pass….

What do you think?

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