National Soup Swap Day – January 24th

I have just learned that the 24th of January is Soup Swap Day.  While here in blogsphere, it is difficult to get together at someone’s house to swap soup and tell stories (which is too bad given the stories that many of the readers could tell). 

Anyway, I’m thinking we need to do a virtual soup swap.  It’s winter.  It’s been cold.  
Leave a comment if you’d be willing to participate.  
The rules are simple, on the 24th of January – publish on your blog your soup recipe.  The in-person version asks that each person providing soup also tells a story about the soup, so I would ask that you include a story as well.  It can be directly related to the soup itself, or a something else.  I’m good with either. 🙂

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  1. I will be participating. I love to swap and share.

  2. ok i will bring you soup!!!

  3. Emmy says:

    Cool! I have two….so far….

    And ASM, I know you love to swap & share 😉

    Mexi – I look forward to seeing your contribution!

  4. I would love to participate in the Soup Swap! Count me in!

  5. does mine have to be vegan?

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