"Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking."

At times like this, I can’t help but quote the air traffic controller
from Airplane.

I never intended this blog to be kind of a “tales from an IT person”
theme. But, since it is a blog about whatever is on my mind at the
time, you get more tales from IT.

Our business system is down. It has been down since yesterday at
2:30pm PST (pacific standard time). It is a hardware failure. And it
is still down.

Sales is down. They can’t take orders.

Shipping is down. They can’t ship orders.

Finance and Accounting is down. They can’t pay bills or invoice anyone.

It fucking sucks to be in my role in IT today.

And, I……I am the one being the air traffic controller. I’m
working with the vendor to get updates, our own network guys, the
executives and the user population in general.

I’m getting yelled at. Lectured on what the company needs are (like I
don’t know). And patted on the back because the users don’t have
anything to do on a Friday which makes for a very good Friday in their

While this is what we live for (in some respects) as it tests talents,
gives us a time to shine in a public way, and makes the day fly by –
it is exhausting. I got maybe 5 hours of sleep last night….couldn’t
get a cup of coffee this morning without getting two phone calls and
emails that I had to respond to ASAP (thank you, Hubby, for ordering
for me and putting the coffee in my hand and kissing me good-bye —
and mainly, understanding). I have a network guy who hasn’t slept
yet. I have a network manager who has had maybe 3 hours of sleep. It
is crazy.

So, that’s what my day is.  Jealous?

For anyone who has never seen this, I present to you a video I
re-watch during times like these. It makes me feel better because at
least I didn’t decide to explode a whale….

And, yes, this really happened. The guy who is covering the story
just recently retired from local TV and wrote a great book about the
exploding whale.

Happy Friday!

What do you think?

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