In Love

Let me just first say that most of the links in this blog post are probably NSFW (unless you are an IT person who happens to know how often, when and how they “monitor” the network for inappropriate browsing, like I do – thus the reason I’m actually doing this at work).

I have decided I am in love this this cartoonist, illustrator, storyteller – whatever you’d like to call her…she amazing!  Her name is Erika Moen, and she is fucking hilarious.

Here is a link to her blog , if you’d like a bit of a preview.

Erika is a lesbian who fell in love with a man.  They are married now.  She still describes herself as lesbian because she like “titties” as she puts it.  Here comic strips/blocks are amazingly open and honest and give you the ability to laugh at yourself in the situation too.

Like this one.  — ASM will definitely understand this one. 🙂

Or this one.  — the definitely illustrates what its like showering with a man.

I liked this one too ….because sometimes it is actually the woman who is too zealous.

And this one  so totally describes the male/female dynamic where shrinkage is involved.

And her euphemisms  are hilarious!

She has a whole lot of non-sexual ones like…

This one  – which so makes me wish it were June…hmm…fresh Oregon strawberries…

And this one ….which makes me wonder if I actually saw this accident…

And this one too.

I’m so glad I got to work way too early for a conference call that was waaaayy too short.  I got to spend quality time doing this.

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  1. Hubman says:


    Those are great! I’m gonna have to bookmark that site.

    ASM and I laughed out loud at the butt sex one, especially the tagline at the end!

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