Down with Pink!

When my first daughter DJ was born, I was very anti-pink.  I would suggest to people that they go with purple or green.  I wanted my daughter to know that there were more colors out there than just pink.  Why was I obsessed about this?  Because I was not a girlie-girl growing up.  I was a tomboy who grew to hate pink.  And, since I’m fair complexed, I was always given pink.  I wanted my child to grow up picking their own color preference.

Then DJ was born, and the Hubby told everyone he wanted to dress his daughter in pink everyday.

We did have some issues with this later in DJ’s life.  It was due to an evil Nanny we had.  She believed that all girls should dress pretty, lots of pink, ribbons in their hair – or else you wouldn’t be liked.  I found this out after we fired her ass….but that’s a whole different story.

So why am I talking about pink?  There is a very interested article in BBC News Magazine Online called “Should we not dress girls in pink? “.

The article contains a lot of great info.  Like – did you know that the color pink in the 1900s was associated with boys while blue was associated with girls?  Pink was considered a powerful color which is why a boy should wear it while blue was more calm and demure which highlighted the girls well.

Overall, the article strikes a good balance between those who want to see the toy industry dial back the pink and psychologists who don’t believe it is a problem.

I still don’t like pink – but that’s just me.

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  1. it’s ok not to like pink. i really was never a blue type of boy. i was more into greens and reds.

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