Day 9 – Fetishes

Hi.  My name is Bob.  And I have a socks fetish.

I don’t know when it started.  I just remember being a year old and smelling this wonderfully pungent aroma coming from the laundry hamper.  After digging around, I found the source.  Once it was in my mouth, I was in heaven.  That was the beginning of the end really. 

I couldn’t get enough.  I would search high and low for dirty socks.  But then I got careless and started using in front of my family.   I would carry them around all day because I couldn’t get enough.  Then I would stash my favorites in my bed so I could get my hit in the morning, around the yard, and by the back door so I could come back from my morning constitutional and savor the socks.

I’ve tried to quit many times.  My family resorted to hiding socks from me.  But I would always find them again.  At this point, they have given up on me.  They let me have my habit, so sometimes I carry 2-3 dirty socks in my mouth at a time.

But my real favorite is licking dirty feet, but that’s another blog.

What do you think?

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