Day 4 – Hitchcock Revisited

Last evening I shared with you the 100 facts about me, so it’s a bit of an extension of that post in today’s picture/post. 

I have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds several times with the earliest viewing being when I was 9 or 10.  Maybe that is why I don’t like going into the Lorikeet exhibit at the zoo.  The idea of being swarmed by birds who want what you have and will do anything to get it takes me back to that movie and makes me want to flee the exhibit screaming.

With all of the winter weather we’ve been getting lately, we have felt bad for the birds in the neighborhood.  Our climate doesn’t get frequent freezes let along snow, so seeing these poor things sitting in trees, puffed up against the winter air, makes me want to feed them.

And, feed them I have….

There are birds all over the front of our house, in the trees, roosting on my overgrown rose bushes, sitting on the fence – they are everywhere.  And when you open the front door, you are always a bit surprised at how many of them are actually out there when they all take flight.

My cat Katchoo has enjoyed it immensely.  She sits right under the mailbox as quietly as she can trying to convince them she’s actually a statue.  But, they are not convinced.  Thank God for that because I don’t want to go chase another bird through the house that she caught and brought inside. 

What’s ironic about this bird activity is that while it is playing out on the front porch, the Hubby is grading scary stories his kids wrote.  He had talked to them about Hitchcock and how the scariest stories don’t need to include blood.  No kids, it doesn’t….just through in attacking birds, and you have the basis of a great scary story.

What do you think?

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