Day 29 – Success

Indigo getting her Orange Belt.  We are so proud of her.  If you have asked me yesterday, I would have said she shouldn’t be testing for Orange today.  But, she pulled it together and showed everyone (including herself) that she can do it if she focuses. Surprised the hell out of us!  Indigo is happy because she gets to spar tomorrow.  That was her carrot.
DJ doing her AX kick in preparation for the breaking test.  She’s flexible.
DJ demonstrating the ridge hand strike.
(These two picts look funny because I had to use the mirror’s reflection. The room is not set up well for parents to take pictures.)

DJ got her blue belt!  She was disappointed though.  She would have gotten an outstanding student patch if she had cleaned her bedroom.  On the way home, she kept saying over and over again that she’s cleaning her room tomorrow since she doesn’t have school.
We got home at almost 10pm (see below), but the kids are still bouncing off of the walls from the excitement.  Thank God I don’t have to work tomorrow – I can sleep.

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