Day 26 – Annoyance

The angle is bad, but trust me, the car is blocking our drive way.  I came home late tonight and could tell someone had done this almost a block away. Yet this idiot, could not tell sitting there.  
The guy left soon after thankfully.  Part of me was hoping that he would be there in the morning.  Last time a neighbor did this, they came out just as Garbanzo was backing out of the driveway.  Seeing how close he was to hitting their car, they got the hint.  Like the dog in the backseat?

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  1. Hubman says:

    Someone, and we didn’t know who at the time, did this to us a few months back. I was tempted to put my truck in 4 wheel drive and shove him out of the way (he was blocking fully 1/2 of our driveway cut!) but ASM instead suggested calling the police.

    She was right. They came and cited him. Serves him right. Turns out the owner was the college age son of a guy down the block.

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