Day 20 – Friends

On our window sill in our kitchen sits Buddy Christ (from Dogma by Kevin Smith) and Buddha. I decided they should sit together. In our house, it represents the fact the Hubby finds connection with Buddhism while I was raised Methodist. It also represents our belief that if they had met, I think they would have found a lot of common ground.

The Hubby will go a step further and say that Jesus would have made a good Buddhist. And, that is true. Jesus did share some of the same beliefs. I like to believe that they would have had a great series of conversations while sitting in the shade of a tree.

Plus it has the added bonus of reminding my parents that the Hubby believes in something they don’t understand so they can skip the testifying….a definite bonus for him. 😉

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  1. Jennybean says:

    I love it… and I think they would have had a great time together!

    REminds me of the time Mormans came and wanted to talk to a roomate… I was very tempted to tel them he was at bar drinking and chasing loose women (he was) but didn’t…

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