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The Hubby and I were flipping through the channels last night and found a hilariou show.  Actually, I found it while the Hubby was playing with his iPhone.

Whatever, Martha is a show on the Fine Living Network (FLN).  The intro is Martha Stuart explaining that she realized she had thousands of hours of Martha Stuart Living videos and wondered what to do with them.  She decided to give the videos to her daughter Alexis and her friend.  

What do they do with them?  They watch segments and make comments about it.  And, it is hilarious!  The stories Alexis tells are sad but funny, and they are truly dead-on in their comments.

The first segment I saw was Martha making purses out of old cigar boxes.  They were kind of scary because they involved lots of glue with velcro closures.  And Alexis didn’t hold back.

The next segment was Martha showing them how to make the perfect bed.  When Martha picks up the pillows, Alexis exclaims “oh God she’s going to push those damn buckwheat pillows again”…. just as Martha starts gushing about how much she loves buckwheat pillows.  Martha mentions that finishing with an antique quilt adds a nice touch.  Alexis tells a story about not being able to sit on her bed as a child because her mom didn’t want her to ruin the antique quilt that was on it.  When Martha finishes making the bed, Alexis and her friend decide that is a sex-less bed … no sex would ever happen in that bed … unless the people knew that they were going to die in the bed anyway.

As you can tell, I’m loving this show.  The Hubby actually got distracted from his iPhone because he was laughing so hard.  Hey, who wouldn’t find it entertaining to make fun of Martha.  If you need a laugh, look for it.  It can turn around a bad day.

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  1. I will have to watch that! It sounds very funny!

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