The Bloggest Loser

On Monday, I mentioned that Accountability Monday would be suspended until after the new year.  I also asked if there was interest in creating a group who supported each other through their weight loss.  I got some positive response from several people.  And, here is what we decided:

We would create an invite-only blog for tracking and supporting each other through this process.  Why invite only?  We wanted to control who was contributing and viewing.  We want this to be a positive environment for people to share their challenges. 

Do you have weight loss goals for the new year?  Or do you need encouragement to stay the course?  It’s not about numbers – it’s about making the change and staying on course.  If you are interested, leave a comment.  Invites will be sent as we have interest.

It’s not a competition, it’s about getting healthy.

What do you think?

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