The Best Laid Plans

There is a great scene in the movie Parenthood where Steve Martin’s character is going a bit crazy as he watches his family fall apart. Grandma walks in and comments about how much she prefers roller coasters to merry-go-rounds. She liked the thrills, the speed, the unexpected, the ups and the downs. The merry-go-round was boring for her. It just went in a circle. She ends with “I like roller coasters. You get more out of it.”

I feel like that summarizes how this holiday season has been for us. Each day brings forth a new turn we didn’t see coming. Most around Christmas seem to be weather related, while it was the death of my grandpa Wally that threw Thanksgiving into a tailspin. Let’s focus on the weather.

  • The weather that was responsible for the kids (and the Hubby) getting an extra week off school. (An up)
  • The weather that has prevented us from giving out the cookies and candies we made for the teachers, taekwondo coaches, and other school related friends. (A down)
  • The weather that allowed us to give the same cookies to all of our neighbors who loved the unexpected surprise. Heck, Eddie, the pizza restaurant owner, was loving the goodies so much, we took him more. (Another up)
  • The weather that has helped give the Hubby time to take care of things we were frantically trying to figure out how to get done over the weekends. (An up)
  • The weather that has now prevented my mother-in-law from being able to come for Christmas which was a surprise for her from my father-in-law and was to be a surprise for the kids. (A down)
  • A mother-in-law not coming means less stress trying to get the house in pristine condition. (An up)
  • The weather that made our pipes in our mudroom freeze so that we cannot do laundry and are at risk of having damage to them when they thaw. (Oregonians don’t normally have to worry about pipes freezing but maybe once a year for 24 hours – and then we just make sure we run water.) (A down)
  • The weather that is cold enough that my poor car won’t start today meaning if I have to work in the morning, I’ll be at the mercy of AAA assuming we can’t get it started. (A down, with another possible down pending)
  • The weather that has prevented us from being able to go see my parents and family as they are on the other side of the mountain (A down)
    • But they are all in Oregon now, so it’s not like they are going to leave without us. (A big up)
    • But knowing that my parents are struggling financially now because of their unexpected trek back to Iowa for my grandpa’s funeral combined with a weaker economy has left them with more bills than money again. (A down).

I am far from a worrier….so I hope this list doesn’t come of as though I’m stressed or worried because I’m really not at all worried. Life happens. Plans fall apart. But, if you believe in such a thing which I do, everything happens for a reason. We are enjoying each other this past week (and yes, for those who ask, the Hubby and I are enjoying each other too 😉 ) How often do you find yourself running around trying to make everything happen and wonder how you missed the little, more important things in life? For me, it is more often that I’d like. Spending the past week and likely this week with a crazy schedule, not knowing up from down in terms of plans each day, has been fun.

We have discovered how much we are missing. Making bread with Indigo today. Finding out just how many fairy pictures DJ has made this week has been surprising. Watching the girls use pieces of ice off the top of the snow to practice board breaking skills for TaeKwondo was hilarious. Cuddling together on the couch last night watching White Christmas with a fire in the fireplace, the Christmas tree lights on, and snow falling outside….how perfect could that be. Despite the fact we have plans that got fouled up, I’m just happy we are together because things couldn’t have been more perfect.

What do you think?

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