Happy Boxing Day

Christmas was an overwhelming success this year.  Because of how crazy the grandparents go with showering our kids with gifts, we have taken to backing off of our gift giving with the focus being on one large item for each kid (from Santa, of course) with some other fun stuff under the tree – but nothing too crazy.

This year, the big things were a bit bigger.  DJ, our almost 9-year-old, got an iPod.  She has been looking at my iPod Touch longingly for the past few months, and I couldn’t help recalling the Christmas when I got my Sony Walkman.   I loved that thing and burned through more batteries than I care to recall.   I am proud to say that I had that Walkman for about 5 years.  It was well loved.  DJ is having the same feelings about her iPod.  She has listened to it non-stop since finding it – and we have had to recharge it three times now.  And, she walks around beaming from ear-to-ear.  I think between the iPod and the ashy footprints, she is a believer of Santa for another year.  (My parents had a lot of fun creating evidence of Santa which is where I got the footprint idea.  They did footprints, sleigh tracks in the yard, and hoof prints over the years.  Gotta love playing Santa!)

Indigo has had mixed feelings about Christmas this year.  She is always stealing our cameras to take pictures, so we found for her a waterproof clip-on camera.  She has been having fun with it, but longs for an iPod like her big sister.  Today has been better than yesterday.  She’s been having a lot of fun with her camera while yesterday she was moping around wishing out loud for an iPod.  I’m reminded of when I was 7 and my brother was 5.  I got a doll, and there is a great picture where I’m posing with it while he’s in the background with tears in his eyes looking longingly at the doll.  Ironically enough that year, one of his presents was broken, so my parents exchanged it for a doll similar to mine.  He was in heaven.  Indigo is way too young for an iPod, so she can look at me all she wants with tears in her eyes, she won’t get one.

As some of you may have noticed, the Hubby got an iPhone for Christmas.  His contract was up, and I encouraged him to get one.  I have been very happy with my iPod Touch because it is almost the ultimate device really.  I can browse, listen to music, post blogs, email people, watch a movie, respond to stuff on Facebook, look up locations of places using Google Maps, everything, but call someone.  I like carrying a single devices for  all of this instead of a GPS, laptop, phone, portable DVD player, etc.  I was skeptical, but now see the appeal from a more practical standpoint.  I also got him a car computer that will show you real time mile per gallon stats as well as access to the car computer for more info on such things as check engine lights, etc.  He’s Mr Hypermiler, so I figure he should have the gadget to hopefully show him which of his techniques are more effective than others.  (Yeah, I’m trying to get him to stop slowing down traffic with some of his coasting strategies.)

As for me, I made out like a bandit as well.  The kids and Hubby got me a couple more cashmere sweaters, a stack of books including a really cool copy of Beedle the Bard, my annual “try to stump the wife” mind puzzle from the Hubby, and a really cool digital voice recorder that will provide me hours of trying to make it work with my Macbook (or force me to rebuild the PC).

Overall, Christmas was spent the way it should be.  Making food, spending the day in pajamas, playing with toys, and watching a Christmas Story as many times as humanly possible.  Heck, we even got snow yesterday.

Today is the day we usually spend seeing what Boxing Day specials we can find.  We’ve kind of skipped it this year.  We don’t feel we’re missing anything – and the icy/slushy roads are pretty dangerous.  The only annoying part about today – some of the gifts I had ordered for overnight delivery are still not here.  And, thanks to FedEx tracking, I know they are in Portland because they show they have been in Portland since the 23rd!  Glad I paid overnight shipping on them – guess I will be sending an email to the company that I bought them from.  The most annoying aspect of the situation is the fact we are going to see my family this weekend which means I still won’t have one of their gifts – and my in-laws won’t likely get their gift until they get back to Mexico which increases the chances they won’t get it at all. And, on that note, I will end this post.  I’m going to call FedEx and see if they’ll let me pick up my package since they aren’t delivering it.  Have I mentioned that we live near the hub?

UPDATE: So, I called FedEx who told me that the package couldn’t be delivered due to weather.  I asked how the neighbors got their packages on Tuesday and Wednesday then.  He took another tact by telling me I could go pick it up.  I know how call centers work having supported the one at work, so I was a bit skeptical.  He assured me it would be fine.  I told the FedEx person at the hub why I was there, and correctly prefaced it with “the customer service guy told me”.  She rolled her eyes and made a rude comment about customer service under her breath.   They will have to find and pull the package for me.  I may (or may not) get it tomorrow.  I guess the people in the lobby are all waiting for their packages to be pulled.  Some had been there for hours.  I told her I would wait for their call.  Keep your fingers crossed I get the call.

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