Baby It’s Cold Outside

Last night, The Hubby and I went Christmas shopping for the girls….finally.  It had just started snowing, so we couldn’t help be feel lucky that we had a babysitter for the night so we could get this tackled before we were forced to stay inside (more for our own safety – bad drivers+snow = danger).  When we got back home, the snow was still going.
When we woke up this morning, it was still snowing.  
After lunch, still snowing.
Right now, still snowing.
I won’t try to compare what we are getting with with the other areas of the country are dealing with.  I know our snow is nothing in comparison.  The difference between here and other areas is purely infrastructure…..we don’t have the infrastructure to deal with snow or ice.  We have what is minimal to keep key routes open….but that’s it.  
This is when I am thankful for our neighborhood.  We live in the city which is something people usually raise an eyebrow over especially when we say which neighborhood.  Our neighborhood has a very bad reputation from about 15-20 years ago.  Today it is becoming yuppie ville despite the efforts to keep it diverse.  Living in the city though, we have quick access to stores.  Heck, there is a very nice grocery store about 6 blocks away.  Don’t want to walk?  Take the MAX train (our rail system)….it’s a block away from us and will drop us off right at the store.  Want to go shopping at a mall?  The MAX will drop you off there too.  Don’t want to drive to the airport?  Same answer as the rest.  We don’t have to drive, and that’s one of the main reasons we like this place.
Anyway, it is still snowing.  They expect anywhere between 2-7 inches to fall over the next day or so, depending on the forecast.  And, then there is supposed to be freezing rain.  Yikes.  And, up to 35 mph winds with them up to 50 mph if we are close to the Columbia River….which we kind of are.  
I’m just thankful that the shopping is done, and we can just enjoy the weather….from by the fire.

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  1. I have had enough of the snow already. I need to get out of the house, but the roads have not been cleared enough!

    Glad you got the shopping done!

  2. Michelle says:

    Everyone I have been talking with from the west coast to the east is DONE with the snow.

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