Artic Blast Update – Part 2

Clearly, I made it back from my trek for pet food.  Roads are pretty horrible.  If I was in a different part of the country, I wouldn’t be saying that because they would have been prepared for the little weather pattern we got.  That being said, it is pretty icy out.  Add some snow on top, and it’s a slick mess. 

Getting home was interesting.  My mom had called me as I was driving, so I entered the house talking to her and discovering a bird had gotten into the house some how.  No one can quite figure out how…

She is who I blame.  Anyway, they are chasing the bird around the house.  Trying to shoo it out the door, but only to find it liked perching in the tree.  Indigo is totally freaked out by the flying bird.  The dogs are locked in the bathroom, and they are freaking out.  Katchoo, the prime suspect, has already caught and released the bird once – so they are chasing her around trying to lock her up.  The other cat Garbanzo didn’t realize there was a bird in the house until Katchoo brought it to him, thus putting him in the hunt as well.  They got it out…the tree is still standing…no damage to anything or anyone. 

As for the “snow storm”, and I use the phrase lightly, this is what we got….

The span of time between the first and the last photo was about 3-4 hours.  Right now, it’s 23 degrees with wind gusts up to 40 mph.  The difference between here and Iowa,  it’s at least 30 degrees warmer than it would be in Iowa.  The wind is our real problem around here.  It is coming from the east which means those of us close to the Columbia River get some really gusty winds as it is coming out of a geologically formed wind tunnel.  There is a reason kite boarders and wind surfers love the Columbia as there is no shortage of wind.  That’s why Portland is so cold right now.  A little lesson in the weather patterns of Portland.
Looking back at the day so far, it has been pretty productive.  While the Hubby chatted with Hubman, this is what I did:
I don’t have the pictures of the other two things I baked.  Now I’m off to eat pizza.  Thank you Eddies (shown in the first “snow” picture above) for  being open!  It’s dangerous having a pizza place half a block away – especially when you don’t want to cook.  And Eddie is another reason to go there.  He’s the nicest guy, and a guy who lives in the neighborhood he serves.  I love the city. 

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  1. garbonzo says:

    Can we try to convert the pets to vegetarians?

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