Artic Blast 2008

That is what the news stations are now call the current winter weather we are experiencing.  The snow we were supposed to start seeing yesterday showed up this morning.  While it is not as heavy as they had expected, it is still coming down and getting colder as the day progresses.

And, as for us, we are just pretty much just spending the inside.  The morning was spent baking.  The Hubby made his tried and true scone recipe for breakfast.  After breakfast, I made individual pound cakes, seven layer bars, a chocolate & butterscotch chip cookies, and the family sugar cookie recipe.  We just need to bake the sugar cookies at this point.

The girls have loved the snow.  Our little nudist Indigo went out back on the deck naked first thing this morning.  She wanted a handful of snow to show us.  She finally got dressed and went outside.  She is our little Lucy from A Charlie Brown Christmas.  She walks around with her mouth wide open trying to catch the snowflakes.   We had to have discusions about appropriate attire for playing in the snow.  The kids are not used to anything lower than 45 degrees during the winter. 

But now we have to venture out.  Turns out I forgot to get the cats food yesterday.  And, the guinea pig also needs food – but for her, it is less important.  She eats veggies and fruit, so we can tide her over if we had to do it.   So, this could be an adventure.  While I can confident in my skills, I am cautious of others.   I’ll post pictures later, so that those of you in areas of the country where you get winter can laugh at our pathetic excuse of a snow storm. 🙂

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  1. Hubman says:

    This New England resident is awaiting evidence of what you call a snow storm!

    Damn, I’m hungry just reading what you guys made today. Your hubby only told me about the scones!

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