The Talk

I know someday very soon, I will need to have “the Talk” with my oldest.  I hope to God she isn’t like me….I was an “early bloomer” which was further complicated by the fact I was a tomboy.  Boys who were friends one day become “friends” the next. I hope my kids don’t go through it, but the good news is the fact that both are very articulate, self-assured, and trained in taekwondo if talking doesn’t work.

Laura Bennett of Project Runway fame is struggling with this on herself.  She has 6 kids with her oldest being a girl.  As she says in her column at The Daily Beast, she let the streets teach her daughter.  But, decided it is probably not a good idea to take that approach with her sons.  The article can be found here , because it is hilarious!

While I won’t ruin the article for anyone, I will steal the creepy video she found in her search for parental guidance.  Yeah, I don’t think anyone had that sort of talk with a parent after getting “interrupted”.

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  1. M says:

    I am SO not looking forward to the talk either. I was the exact same as you, early bloomer but also a tomboy. Stange times..

  2. I have had snippets of the talk with DB, as he was 5 when I had PP.

    That video is soooo freakin creepy.

  3. Hubman says:

    It’s amazing what they know at such a young age. Darling Boy was 7 when I had a vasectomy last winter. We explained to the kids that for a few days they would need to stay off my lap while I recovered from the surgery.

    DB inquired what was going on, so in as simple terms as we could we explained the surgery.

    “Oh, you don’t want any more kids, so you’re having your penis disconnected from your balls!”

    I swear to God, that is an exact quote! From a 7 year old!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    there are definitely some things that the girls know. They know the physiology around how babies are born…they just miss the whole process behind it…and what it means as girls….that and they will learn that the hubby’s tail is not a tail. 🙂

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