Socks are Fun

A few years ago while my hubby manned the “gay rugby team booth” at Pride, he discovered socks.  He was drawn to the socks booth by the sexy thigh-high socks he saw on display.  He has a thing for tight high stockings (which I think most guys do), and he thought if he bought these, I may wear them more often than the stockings.

Three years later, I have many pairs.  On cold days, they are great to wear as they add another layer of warmth. And, they are just cool.

I should confess before I talk about the store I love.  I am not usually a pro-socks kind of person.  I like to be barefoot.  When I was running, I hated socks because they made my feet feel hot.  Generally speaking, I usually prefer no-socks to socks.  But, in recent years, I have found they have a place in my life.

Sock Dreams is a cool socks store.  They have lots different kinds of socks, leg warmers, toe socks, and stockings.  It’s a pretty cool place, if you can visit in person.  I went there for the first time yesterday and resisted buying one of everything.  Heck, I almost bought some leg warmers because they looked so comfortable and, well, warm.

Peruse them online.  They ship free in the US (if you don’t need the order rushed).

Oh, and I did buy a pair of fingerless gloves like these.  I made some wrist warmers a few years ago, and loved them in the winter.  You don’t have to worry about there being a gap between your gloves and your wrists.

Check them out….and you may find a love for socks you didn’t know you had.

What do you think?

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