Making Gummy Candy

A week ago, I posted a link to instruction on how to make gummy candy.  So, the girls and I decided to make some today.  Because we didn’t have any molds, we selected four different ones from a local cake/candy making supply store. 

Here are my observations of the process:

While the instructions are easy, it isn’t as much of a project to do with kids as I had hoped.  You have to carefully mix together three packets of unflavored gelatin in 1/3 cups of water – AND – a packet of Jello.  The process is sprinkle, stir, sprinkle, stir, etc until everything is dissolved.  If not done correctly, you get an unrecoverable mess.  So, the parent has to do it.  Oh, and I should mention that I didn’t add the vitamin C as is suggested. 

After it rests for 10 minutes, you have to dissolve the mixture over boiling water.  Again, not exactly a kid-friendly step.

Once dissolved, you have to pour it into the molds.  If you use a plastic syringe like the author used, the kids may be able to do it.  If you pour it as I did, it is again an adult task.  Also, it has to be done quickly.  As it cools, it will sets up quickly.  And, don’t be impatient like we were.  The longer they sit in the molds – the easier they are to remove from the molds. 

Cleanup is also a task.  I am not finding it peels off as easily as it says it does.  Maybe I haven’t given it enough time, but it is pretty sticky.

The recipe itself made some pretty tasty gummy candies.  We made fish, dominoes, pumpkins and what we are calling slugs.  I’m sure we will make them again.  Or, I will, anyway.

What do you think?

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