Geek Girl Weekend Part 3: The Ride Home & Other Random Pictures

Sunday, we left Forks after a wonderful meal of apple pancakes (and a stop at the coffee stand).  We woke up to a frosty day, but it turned into a pleasant day with blue skies – a perfect day to drive back.  Instead of a lot of color commentary, I will let the pictures tell the story….

And, probably the eeriest site as we were traveling to Forks, WA: 
Turns out that these are two silos they were building as part of a power plant.  Per the Elma, Washington Chamber of Commerce, Bonneville Power ceased construction after it was determined there was a power surplus in the area, not the deficiency they had thought.  Since then, the site has become home to a plant that creates siding from waste wood and plastics.  We did not know this while driving by and seeing the eerie site.  We were a bit concerned too because the Pacific NW has a long, poor history regarding the management of nuclear power plants.  They finally shut down the one in operations near the Oregon-Washington border in 1992.  And decommissioned it in 2005. 
Oh, and I guess I should explain my Hubby’s comment on a previous post.  I like to drive.  The hubby’s driving can scare the crap out of me especially when he is hypermiling.  Yes, I am a control freak.  I have avoided more accidents than I can list here because I pay attention to the other drivers, never assume they see me, and adjust my driving accordingly.  The Hubby tends to pay attention to what is happening immediately in front of him, thus leading the exchanges like “slow down, slow down – they are stopped a half mile ahead” as he speeds up.  Anyway, on the way home, he jumped into the driver’s seat and announced he would be driving.  On the way out of town, the hypermiling began….leading me to explain “just drive the fucking car”.  When we are going downhill, the Hubby puts it in neutral and shuts off the car so we coast…..regardless of how slow he ends up going.  Oh, and we were on a two lane highway….with no passing lanes….with cars behind us.  Yes, it drives me nutty….

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  1. cool! thanks for pointing me to these!


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