Geek Girl Weekend Part 2: Forks

Where we last left this tale, we had entered Forks and immediately found the Visitor’s Center and got our map and goodies envelope.  We decided since it was almost 2pm, that we should go out to La Push before it got dark.  La Push is the location of the Quileute Indian Tribe and First Beach.  In the book, Jacob and his friends live there.  Also, his dad Billy and Bella’s dad Charlie are always going fishing there.  

Stephanie Meyer described her visit to La Push as exactly how she had imagined it.  She said she continually waited for Jacob and his friends to come around the corner.  I totally understand what she meant.  The only exception being the location of First Beach in relation to the town.  I always viewed it as being a short distance from it, but still separated by trees.  That’s the case for Second and Third Beach, but First Beach is located pretty much as part of the town.  Regardless of this minor detail, it was still beautiful.


As we were leaving La Push, out of the trees comes bounding 4 Quileute boys who were all about 12 years old.  And, the gang could have been Jacob and his friends as much as they were joking and laughing.

Oh, and the line making the boundary where the Vampires cannot pass into the Quileute territory is, well, marked. 

After returning to Forks, we did the tourist loop.  We went by the local hospital to see Dr Cullen’s parking spot.

We went by the house designated at Bella’s house.  I’ll have to post that picture later when I get the photos off of the Hubby’s camera.  It was a private residence, and everyone was asked not to disturb the residents.  But, the owners posted a huge “The Swans” sign in the front yard.

We went to the school where Bella and Edward and the Cullens attend.

The school, by the way, is divided into multiple parts.  So, Bella would have had to walk in the rain to her classes.  To be honest, I like the fact finding Stephanie did to make her Forks similar to Forks.

We went to the Outfitters where Bella worked.  Again, another picture, I will add later after I get them off of the Hubby’s camera. 

Oh, and we stayed at The Cullen’s house – known locally as the Miller Tree B&B.

The house wasn’t exactly as what I had envisioned from the book, but I can see why Stephanie chose it as her model.  It’s a huge old house with lots of charm.  But, like a few minor details, this house in on the edge of town – not in the middle of no where.  In fact, it is right next to the Police Station.
Yeah, if Bella lived in the real Forks, her dad Charlie would never have been able to say “the Cullen’s house is hard to find”. 
And this is where The Cullens bought their Surf Gear. 

Okay, not really, but this was one of the few shops that didn’t have a huge sign advertising some sort of Vampire special.

While the visitor’s center did not designated the restaurant Bella and her dad eat at after she graduates, I decided after eating here that this is definitely the place.

The decor was the same (fishing/hunting lodge themed), and the food was okay.  Not as great as the prices would indicate, but still decent food.   
So, there you go, Twilight fan or not, this is my day in Forks, WA.  I will have to say, the locals are having fun with their popularity from the books.  While people at the B&B would say they worked for the Cullens to the young girls visiting there, they do it was a smirk.  No one believes them, but they are enjoying the attention they are getting even if it is only in passing.  

Small towns like Forks can really go two ways with this attention – shun it or milk the hell out of it.  But Forks has found a middle ground.  They are enjoying it without going overboard with it.  If you are looking for suggestions, there are plenty of people there to give them.  In reading the journal kept in the room at the B&B, the story is consistent.  The people are great.  Everyone is friendly and helpful.  And regardless of what brought them there, they were coming back again.  We would have to agree.

Tomorrow – the drive back home…..and other odd sights from our trip….

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  1. nitebyrd says:

    Great pictures! I’m out of the Twilight loop but it must have been cool to visit the area.

  2. Michelle says:

    I would recommend reading Twilight once. It’s a good read, interesting twist on the Vampire world, and a quick read.

    It was pretty neat being there and seeing the town that inspired the madness. I would recommend it even if you aren’t into the stories because it is beautiful.

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