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I read that the definition of a cynic is a broken hearted idealist (in a book by Michael J. Gelb, but I believe others have said it too).  I am a cynic.  I openly admit that I am cynical as a coping method. I know how things should go or should be done, but am amazed at others lack of differentiating between the right and wrong way.  I guess this is why I am in IT, but that’s a whole other blog post.

I digress….back to the real reason for this post.  As a cynic, I have found great joy in – or otherwise known as the Demotivators site.  

If you work in Corporate America, you are familiar with the great “Teamwork” posters with the little quote of wisdom below a beautiful picture of a group of people working together.  The phrase may be something like “there is no ‘I’ in team”.  If you are cynic, you say to your neighbor “but there is a ‘me’ in team”.  This is where the Demotivator site gets it right.



This is a site that has been around for years, but I always forget to check in on it as they have add new ones all of the time.  I think I may actually have to buy one of their calendars this year for my office because the new ones are great.  

Check it out, enjoy a laugh, and chuckle at what is usually the truth at most companies. And, if you are brave like my old boss, buy a poster size one to hang in your workspace.  It is kind of a fun game to see who actually reads it. 

Happy Friday!

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