Accountability Monday

I don’t have anything to really reporting this week. My scale is screwed up. I can only assume a child has played with it because it says I gained about 5 pounds….overnight. Yeah, didn’t think that could happen. It’s a non-digital one, so many things can affect it. I know the tile floor can if it shifts and touches grout. Anyway, I’ll have to figure it out and report back later.

It was an okay week overall. I know I ate too much birthday cake, but I tried to find balance through nutrition and activity. Too bad I can’t tell if it worked. 🙁

Scale aside, I am feeling great. The hubby is constantly telling me I am looking good, and how he can tell I’m getting skinner whenever he hugs me. Can’t complain about those comments!

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  1. garbonzo says:

    You are looking sexy as hell!

  2. I am willing to bet thats what happened. Otherwise you might just be a touch bloated.

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