Vice Presidential : Watching and Blogging

I vowed I would not watch it, but it lured me.  I blame my brother….

My stream of conscious notes….
  • Yes, Palin is a mother.  Got it.  Can I just point out? Not all of the moms are soccer moms.
  • What does it mean when Palin says “I’m from main street”?  
  • Palin had a really good Energy bill that helped her people in Alaska.  I don’t think, however, it is the answer to every questions…including ones where it is irrelevant.
  • Same sex benefits….hmmm….guess Palin has problems with this one despite her state’s stance.  Ahh…she has gay friends too….wow…I guess that makes her tolerant.  Yet, marriage traditionally is one man + one woman.  Wow….Biden feels the same way.  But, I like the way he’s putting it….marriage is a religious; civil rights given to a couple by the government is different.  I can live with that.
  • Plan for Iraq.  Ah….funding for the troops was raised again.  Biden’s position against Obama was also pointed out, and applauded by Palin.  Wonder what victory in Iraq means to here?  I’m glad Biden pointed out that she never gave a plan.  Biden also pointed out McCain’s stance against the same plan Obama voted against because there was a plan in the funding, and he was against it.  Well played, sir.
  • “White flag of surrender” simply explains Obama/Biden’s Iraq plan per Palin.  The way she said it, you could tell she was coached.  You can tell she was coached well for this point trying to use Biden against Obama.
  • Iran and Pakistan – which is the greater threat?  Biden feels both are dangerous, but his Fundamental problem is the attack will come from Afghanistan not Iraq as McCain has said.  How many time can he say “fundamental”.  Palin feels Iran is extremely dangerous to consider because they feel Israel is at risk given the leader of Iran’s statements regarding Israel.  Ahh…and Obama is naive and dangerous if he wants to meet with the Castro brothers, etc.
  • Biden is now clarifying Obama’s position with regards to meeting with the leaders.  He is also teaching Palin a bit about how government work in Iran.  Friends and allies are saying we should be sitting down and talk.  I guess McCain will go along with agreements, but he won’t sit down with anyone.  Interesting.  McCain said he wouldn’t even sit down with Spain, a NATO ally.  
  • Ahh…Palin is happy that Biden loves Israel like they do….ahhh….and why is she talking like a mom who is talking to a 2-year old.  “Ahh….you went poopy in the potty…yay….good boy.”  That’s what she sounds like to me.
  • Should there be a trigger when nuclear weapons use into the play?  Palin: we use it as a deterrent.  And, we should keep it out of the hands of those who are dangerous.  She didn’t quite answer the question…then we went back to Afghanistan.  Biden: our commanding general said that the surge approach taken in Iraq will not work in Afghanistan.  He is pointing out that we spend in 3 weeks in Iraq what has been spent in 7 years in Afghanistan.  Back on nuclear weapon – we have to keep them from terrorists & Obama has helped do this while reaching out to the Republicans.  Palin is disagreeing with what the commanding general has said.  
  • Does the American public have the stomach for putting troops on the ground in Dafur? Biden does not have the stomach for genocide.  He believes we should rally the world to do something.  Palin is such an outsider because she doesn’t understand the way Washington politicians talk.  And she watched the debates.  But, she agrees with Darfur by providing no fly zones.  Back to what she’s done in Alaska: when they found they had millions of dollars in Sudan, they immediately acted to try to divest to ensure they weren’t funding these horrible acts.  It’s not passed yet…but it should be.  Nice plug & pressure for her legislation in Alaska.
  • McCain knows what evil is.  Really? He will know how to implement the strategies while taking the politics out of war so they can win….per Palin.
  • How would a Biden administration different from an Obama administration (assuming Obama dies)?  Biden would carry forth Obama’s vision.  He agrees with Obama’s major initiatives.
  • How would Palin ‘s admin differ?  They are both mavericks.  He wants debate.  But he would continue the good work McCain wants.  She would bring “main street” to Washington.  There’s main street again.  Get government out of the main street people’s way, so they can do what they need to do.  Why do I have visions of homeless pushing people out of their way?  I’m not implying Alaskan’s are homeless, just the imagery she painted was poor. 
  • “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”  Did Palin really say that?  And, teacher’s reward is in heaven.  And now she’s doing a “shout out” to the teachers in her family.  She even did a “shout out” to her brother’s third grade class.  She’s against no child left behind which is good.
  • What does a vice president do?  Palin wishes for more authority over the Senate, so she can assert it.  That concerns me a bit.  Biden wants to talk education later.  With regard to the role as the vice president, Biden was asked by Obama to be the point person for the legislative initiatives.  Major decisions for Obama will be made by Obama, but with counsel being given by Biden.
  • Good follow-up about the point Palin made about wanting more power as VP.  
  • Palin has a lack of experience per the public.  But, she’s pointing out that her state is big, she’s got experience as a parent, as a business owner, and governor.  Oh, and she’s a parent of a special needs child.
  • Biden was almost crying as he talked about his departed wife, child and critically injured sons.  He points out that men can be single parents too.  He talked about his record too
  • Yay! Biden is attacking the whole “maverick” label for John McCain.  Thank GOD!
  • Single issue that forced you to change the stance/view?  Biden said he changed his judicial views.  Palin used the examples of when she has not veto’d something that she personally felt she against.  No major principle changes needed because she found a way.
  • “Not questioning other people’s motives” is what Biden will bring to Washington.
  • “Appoint not based on political party.  Need to work together on policies” is what Palin will bring to Washington.
  • Nice, Palin is saying that supporting Biden/Obama is a ticket that will kill jobs. 
  • Palin is implying it was the mainstream media that is distorting the message, so she is thankful she can speak directly without the filter of the media.  Her closing arguments were just attacks on Obama and Biden.  
  • Biden is pointing out that this is the most important election.  Need to fundamental change to get us out of the hole dug by the past 8 years.  Progress is not measured by tax breaks, but by if the middle class can pay their mortgage, send their kids to school, and pay their bills.  Nice closing arguments.  Positive.   
Overall, it is not surprising that I did not find a connection with Palin.  Biden did a pretty good job overall. I like him.  I felt more of a connection to him than her despite the fact I’m a mom, a working mom.  I guess I’m going to disagree with many people if the after comments are any indications.

What do you think?

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