She WON!!

Leanne won Season 5 of Project Runway!!  Woo-hoo!!!

It’s very odd that I would even be a fan given I am not exactly a follower of fashion, but it is a reality television show which usually means I can be drawn into it.  I fell in love with Project Runway during Season 2.  It intrigued me to see what people thought was fashion, and I love Tim Gunn and Heidi and Nina….Michael Kors has become a caricature of himself as the show has progressed, so I can take him or leave him.  So, I was hooked.
After seeing 4 seasons, you can start telling who is likely to win.  The main quality that I see is someone who stays true to their own design aesthetic.  If you can stay true to who you are, you have a good chance of winning. If you take feedback and incorporate it while staying true to who you are, your chances increase more.  Oh, and you have to avoid major mis-steps. 
Leanne definitely showed those qualities.  No would would have expected Kenley to win as she has landed in the bottom two more than she hasn’t.  Her design aesthetic is under continual scrutiny even if she doesn’t land in the bottom two.  Korto also did beautiful work, but she struggled sometimes.  She had troubles translating her aesthetic to challenges like the wedding dress challenge, the evening gown challenge, and the bridesmaid dress challenge.  Korto would even admit that she struggled with those challenges.
I was glad though that they were both in the final three.  You could tell early that those two were the real deal.  Their clothes always looked finished which is hard to do given the time frame.  They had a distinct look that was consistent throughout the challenges.  But, I’ll have to admit that I was cheering for Leanne.  Why? She’s from Portland….my town.  You have to cheer for her…or at least I do.
It was fun seeing the home visit.  Seeing the Made in Portland Stag sign.  Seeing the bridges.  Seeing Laurelhurst Park.  I know we were all cheering – the local girl was winning.  And, when I saw her collection in progress, I was happy to see she was staying true to herself.  I loved the architectural design.  The color was great.  It was definitely Leanne.  And, I didn’t feel as though we would have one of the past season’s “what were they thinking” moments.
Her wedding dress….it was beautiful.  Clean, ethereal, and just perfect.  Who knew that the girl known for her drab colors could pull off a bright white, happy wedding dress.  It was a pleasant surprise.
So, congratulations Leanne!  You deserved it!!

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  1. I was very excited as well. Go Judy Noodles.

    I am not a fashionista by any sense, but I find the commentary and the design process fascinating.

    I can’t wait for Top Chef to start!

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