Pumpkins are Fun

Pumpkin carving in our house involves chisels, knives of various shapes and sizes, and other instruments more appropriate for woodwork.  The Hubby loves coming up with a new design and carving some huge pumpkin. This year is no different.  He found the largest pumpkin he could find (thankfully there were a couple to choose from at the local pumpkin stand up by his school), and decided on a dragon.  I don’t recall how many hours he spent on it, but hours it was.  When I saw this picture and this site , I thought of him.  
Another favorite site of mine is this one – Extreme Pumpkins . I guess I appreciated the sick sense of humor – and the creativity.  
So if you haven’t carved pumpkins yet, I will leave you with another site to inspire.  This one has patterns too. It’s called Zombie Pumpkins .  
I will have to decide which one we will do at the Harvest Fest at the school.  Bwahhahaha!  I love Halloween!

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  1. garbonzo says:

    I am soooo carving a Predator next year!

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