There is an Act going to the Senate to allow doctors, not insurance companies, the ability to decide the length of a hospital stay post-mastectomy surgery. There has been a trend by insurance companies to push this surgery to be outpatient. This act will put the decision for the hospital stay in the hands of doctors and patients where it should be.

Lifetime (television to scare women, as it is known in our house) is asking people to sign a petition that it will present to the Senate as well as the President.

Take a minute and sign it. Lifetime has promised not to use the information for promotional purposes. There is more information as to why Lifetime is involved and the act itself on the site. Click here for the site.

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  1. I am going over to sign right now. May I also hijack your space to pimp It is a site where you can sign up to be a part of breast cancer research.

    I already pimped them on a HNT day!

    Happy Halloween!

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