Friday Field Trip

I must first admit that I stole this idea from another blogger.  Thanks Katie MacAlister for the idea.  If you don’t know Katie, she is a writer who seems to have a knack for paranormal romance novels (vampires, ghosts, dragons, etc).  I believe romance novels are really TV in a book.  They don’t require too much thought – and they should be entertaining.  Katie’s books are funny and quite entertaining.  Her vampire books not only have creative twists on titles you already know, they also have a creative bend on the vampire world.  Give them a try if you are looking for a quick read.

Anyway, back to the Friday field trip idea.  Basically the Friday field trip is a Field Trip around the web.  These are places you may not have heard of.  I’m going to take you through my web browsing habits.

First stop, because of the time, is Delight – a daily shopping specials site.  If you have heard of Woot, think of Delight as the Woot for Women.  While they have a daily special, they also have more items you can purchase through their store.  The items are unique, and the women who run the site create an experience in their delivery.  Each order is wrapped in pink, green or brown tissue paper – and their are fun little extras in each box (post-it notes, samples, etc).  The daily special changes at 10am (Pacific Time) each day.  You can usually get it other days too, just at a higher price. 

Second stop, The Pioneer Woman’s site.  This site is the story of a city girl who falls in love with a country boy.  Ten years and four kids later, she still loves it but is in awe as to how it happened.  Ree is hilarious, takes great pictures, and has great recipes that call for things like butter and whole cream or has instructions like “fry that in bacon grease”. 

Third stop, Trent’s site – Pink is the New Blog.  One must keep on their celebrity gossip, and Trent is there to help.  He is pretty nice about it.  I credit his Midwest upbringing for that.  In addition to gossip, he reviews movies and shows.  He also shares his own life.  I like him.

Fourth stop, Facebook.  I’m an addict – but have reconnected with so many people.  As I have asked before, I can’t figure out why Facebook (and even MySpace) are able to bring people who know each other together in a way that email or a blog doesn’t.   It’s a mystery really.

From there, I usually peruse my blog list which includes My Hubby‘s blog, the Angry Chicken‘s blog, Another Suburban Mom’s blog, Joy the Baker’s site, and Smitten Kitchen (I am going to make her caramel sauce it looks so yummy!).

So there you go, a tour through some of my favorite sites.  Enjoy!

What do you think?

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