A little over a year ago, we received a visit from a friend of ours.  He is kind of a nomad, jack of all trades sort of guy who kind of drifts in and out of people’s lives.  He isn’t doing this because he’s malicious or uncaring; he is just one of those people that goes where the current takes him.

Anyway, he came by and wanted to talk to us about his concern with an upcoming Homeland Security drill that was occurring in the area in the upcoming weeks.  His concern was related to his research on what really occurred on September 11, 2001.  He said that on that day, there was a readiness drill that was underway, so it was not coincidence that the planes crashing into the towers at that same time.  I guess the scenario they were playing out that day, according to his sources, was one in which planes crash into a building.  It is the belief of some that the government had created this real life terrorist attack as a way of going into Afghanistan and Iraq.  “If you don’t have a good reason, create one” was sort of the rationale.
The scenario that was going to play out on the upcoming local drill was a dirty bomb detonation in three locations including Guam, Portland, and Los Angeles (I believe).  His concern was that this was not going to be a drill, but a government sponsored real attack just like September 11th.  Our friend believed the timing of this “attack” would be critical in ensuring that Bush and his cabinet retained office.  I mean, how can the country even think of an election right now when we are clearly at risk of attack.  Bush would declare martial law and suspend elections and other governmental functions (and branch checks) until the “danger had passed” which would be never.  Because of his fears and indications in the community of this being the truth, he was gathering together his friends and their families to “get out of town” for the days leading up to and following the “drill”.  He was, of course, extending us the opportunity.  I think his feelings were concern and protection for his friends.  Given the timing of the drill as well as the overall lack of information and misinformation we found, we stayed behind and went forth with our days.  
Today the hubby sent me a link  in a email to an article he had read on Yahoo.  I didn’t even get past the first paragraph when I started having flashbacks to that night a little over a year ago.  While the event that causes the elections to be postponed is different than my friend’s reason, the idea that an election may not happen is interesting.
I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I guess that is where I am still a bit of an idealist.  I believe that if a president with very little popular support anymore would try to seize power, it would be an uprising of the people to take it back away.   Additionally, I’m sure there are military scenarios for such a situation.  It would be ugly, but I don’t think the people would stand for it.  As Daniel Schorr from NPR noted in his commentary on NPR yesterday, no one is listening to Bush right now.  While he pleads for Congress to bail out the banks because we are on the verge of financial collapse, the stock market goes up while no bail out occurs.  This man is no longer influential.  And, his own party is already realizing it – and distancing themselves from him.  
So, I ask the conspiracy theorists, who would help him stay in power, if his own party is not standing beside him?  

What do you think?

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