Accountability Monday

It’s amazing what putting in the work will do.  This past week hasn’t been as strict as I would have gone in the past, but I was pretty food cognizant – and it paid off.  I’m down 3 more pounds.  The Hubby mentioned last night that he could definitely see a difference.  The tummy is shrinking away.  Heck, I can even see that. 

Over the weekend, I was very portion conscious.  Hubman, I think, mentioned in a comment a few weeks ago that he started watching how much he was eating and found success that route.  It is a very valid approach.  We live in an age where everything is “super-sized” and portions are way too large for what they should be.  Reminding myself that what has been given to me is too much for one serving is critical to ensuring I do not sabotage myself. 
My brother and I were chatting this weekend about why weight is so much a focus for us.  In our family, there is a lot of self-induced illness.  The illnesses that shows up is usually a result of smoking, alcoholism, poor diet.  There are a few genetic issues that must be managed or else it could turn into something larger, but by and large, the issues are a result of how members in our family treat their bodies.  The heart attack my dad had was not a surprise to any of us.  The stress, lack of exercise, and horrible diet given his cholesterol were all contributing factors to what caused his heart attack.  For me, while losing weight makes me feel better about myself, it also makes me feel like I am preventing that future for myself.  Heart attack, heart disease, adult onset diabetes are all very real realities in my family.  While I loved my grandma, I know her lack of control when it came to food led to further complications with her diabetes that led to her heard disease and her early death.  I don’t want that for myself or my family.  Having my parents closer to me reinforces what could be my future if I allowed it.  I need to be healthy and avoid these issues – I mean, I married a guys whose family lives a long time.  I have to make sure I can keep pace. 
So, it’s been a good week.  And, I’ll be making sure this one is good too.  I found another site for recipe ideas, so I thought I would share it for anyone doing Weight Watchers or even looking for healthier meals.  As the Hubby would say – this site is good because it is truth in advertising.  It’s called Weight Watcher’s Recipes and Diets.  I’m not too happy with some of their links on their list (diet pills? really?), but I am always happy to find new sites with new ideas.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Good for you! And that was me who commented on portion sizes before 🙂

    I wrote about self-induced illness in my family a few weeks ago ( I know what you’re saying!!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Excellent! Thanks for the link.
    I have a family that is kind of a train wreck with diseases, and a lack of consciousness about calories, fats or bad carbs, so I understand the battle.

    Great work this week!

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