Where to Find Peace

Today I found peace as I was driving through the Terwilliger Curves on I5 North.

Yesterday, I spotted it as I was taking the ramp to I405 North.  It was attached to a chain link fence.

The day before, I spotted it looking down at me from an overpass.

It is a large white sign with the word PEACE on it.  They seem to be hidden in places where you will catch a glimpse and do a double take because you aren’t sure you saw what you thought you saw.  I don’t know if it is a clever campaign by a person or a group, but clearly a lot of work has gone into the “hiding” of these signs.  Until I saw the one today, I hadn’t put together that I had been seeing PEACE all week, a subtle reminder of what we should strive for.

Have you found PEACE?

What do you think?

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