I’m Old!

I spoke with a friend of mine last night.  He and I met in the 5th grade.  As we were talking, I was doing the math in my head.  We were 10 years old when we met, we’re 35 now….

“Do you realize we’ve been friends for 25 years?!?!?”, I exclaimed into the phone.
My friend T always has the inital response of laughing at me, but then he said, 
“We’re old.  Our 20 year is coming up, you know.”
I think this struck me differently this time because I have an 8-year-old.  I was only 2 years older than her when we met.  It blows my mind.
T and I lost track of each other after my wedding.  I had heard his parents moved away from our hometown, so when I couldn’t find him at his last known location in Nebraska, I testing my Internet search skills to see if I could find him.  It isn’t hard to find someone who’s father is a minister.  I discovered that his parents were back in Oregon.  A quick email to his mom, and we were reconnected.   We hooked up on My Space as well…and we’ve seen each other a couple of times when he has been in town visiting the folks.
What did people do before the Internet?  I look at the people I’ve connected with on Facebook, and it’s a virtual class reunion online.   I am connected to about 12 classmates that graduated from high school with me.  I am seeing pictures of them, their kids, and seeing a glimpse into the person they have become.  We exchange little messages – oh and ahh over each others’ kids – and play a little “remember when” with each other.   It will be interesting to see how this shapes our 20 year reunion.  Will it be the face-to-face meeting of old friends….or will it be odd?  
Regardless, the fact I’m even thinking about the 20 year reunion makes me feel like time has passed too quickly.  

What do you think?

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