Hurray for Boobies

A nod to those who know the Bloodhound Gang CD with same title. As a side bar, they make me laugh even though I know at some level I should be offended. I can’t help it….my horrible sense of humor can overcome my intelligence sometimes. I guess the bumper sticker may be right “She who laughs, lasts”.

Anyway, I wasn’t intending to write about the Bloodhound Gang. Or my weird sense of humor…or the ease at which I can find things funny….I am writing about my younger daughter’s obsession with breasts.

My younger daughter (hence forth referred to as YD) has always liked breasts. Right after she was born, she took to nursing better than I could have hoped. My older daughter (OD) did not. It was a fight that I finally gave up about a month after she was born. It led to a level of inconvenience as I was doing double duty, but it led to a happier relationship in the long run. The YD did not have these problems. And, it made life simpler in comparison.

My OD always understood what breasts were meant for (sorry men, women don’t have them for you), but never really thought anything of it. The YD is obsessed. She will look down at her own chest and ask questions about when she will get her boobs. If she walks into the room as I’m changing, she will yell “yay, boobs!”. It is somewhat unnerving really…this obsession.

Just when I thought she couldn’t take it to a new level, she has. As part of school, there is a lot of picture drawing at her age. You can always look at her picture and know which girls are women versus girls because she has started drawing the women with breasts. I suspect with the OD hits puberty the YD is going to cry because she will be jealous. Regardless, the pictures will be kept. When she is 18, we will pull them out to show everyone her obsession. Hey, it’s what parents are supposed to do, right?

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  1. garbonzo says:

    Breasts are good things to obsess over!

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