Team Edward or Team Jacob?

As we quickly approach the release of Stephanie Meyer’s latest book in the Twilight series, I cannot stop myself from commenting about who I feel will win Bella’s heart versus who I want to win.

Let me preface everything by saying, like others, I have read and re-read the books numerous times. And when I’m not reading them, I’m listening to them on my way to and from work. I’m seriously and addict. I admit it. I have read the articles, the comments, the blogs – I started going through the theories and realized if I didn’t stop – I would never do anything else.

What I have learned with each re-read is how much I have a love-hate relationship with the story. I love Bella. She is truly and old soul in how she approaches life. Look at her and her mom, her mom is more of a kid than Bella is, wanting to jump out of plans and flitting through life trying everything and sticking not very little. Meanwhile Bella is the soccer mom – questioning her decisions, reminding her why she wouldn’t like things and keeping her mom’s activities straight. Bella has a natural nurturing instinct, and tends to take care of those adults around her.

And, this is a good lead-in to why I have issues with Edward. Despite how much more mature Bella is compared to a normal teenage girl, he still treats her like a child. Even her father, until Edward leaves, treats her almost as a roommate compared to a kid needing constant guidance and correction. Edward treats Bella as though she is made of glass, questions all of her decisions, and constantly reminders her almost exasperatedly to keep safe. He is reminding a teenage girls who is used to taking care of her parents in various ways to stay safe? Bella is an old soul, and her behavior can hardly warrant this treatment as though she is a child.

Now, before I get anyone’s hackles up, I understand that for Edward she is as breakable as glass. I understand the he has found the love of his existence whom he cannot live without, so it scares him that she could die where he cannot. I get it. I also get the fact you are willing to overlook character flaws that, in the greater scheme of things, are tiny. He loves her. He will end up with her forever. I just have issues with how she is treated, and worry what will come of their relationship when she is truly his equal. When the constant care taking on the part of Edward is no longer necessary. It’s a love story though, so it won’t matter whereas in real life, it may be the wedge that drives them apart.

Jacob, on the other hand, represents the present. He has not quite had to take care of his father to the extend Bella did her mother, but he is a care taker in a sense. The difference between he and Bella is that Jacob has good friends, a strong tribe, and the ability to be a kid. So, he’s outdoors tinkering in his make-shift shed. He is hanging out with his friends at the beach meeting girls. And, when he meets Bella, he is still Jacob – and she is still Bella. He looks out for her as friend would look out for her and laughs at her when her clumsiness gets the better of her. Even after he turns werewolf, he isn’t out to wrap her in bubble wrap. And, most importantly, he gives her the support she needs after Edward leaves and brings her back from the brink without judging her or questioning her as a parent.

Jacob is the guy I wish for, for Bella. Maybe I understand Rosalie more than I realized. Like her, I believe Bella is not looking enough in the future and at the things she would have to give up forever. They are all pretty big things even if they don’t look that way at 17 or 18. Or maybe I just prefer fire to ice. Regardless, the love story is more of the love story between Bella and Edward, so it won’ t surprise me if she chooses ice.

I guess all will be revealed tomorrow when Breaking Dawn is available. I’m sure the story will not disappoint.

What do you think?

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